Barcelona public transport network

Barcelona is a very well-connected city with a developed network of public transport. The network is connected, allowing free transfers between the different transport systems (i.e., change from a bus to metro) if needed. T-10 card is valid for all the public transports in the city.

You will find more information about Barcelona’s public transport network in the following links:


Regarding accommodation, Barcelona offers a wide variety of options, from renting touristic apartments, shared room in hostels, to luxury rooms in high standing hotels. If you decide for a touristic apartment/room, please be aware that Barcelona suffers a huge problem of illegal offers (places without a touristic license), so we strongly recommend you to ask in advance for the possibility of getting an invoice of your stay.

Although the wide variety of options for accommodation, Barcelona is a highly visited city, with a large amount of tourists all year around. We therefore advise to book your accommodation for the workshop at least several months in advance.